Aftermarket IT

eConnect Supplier Portal

With Datanational's eConnect Aftermarket Supplier Portal, you will deliver on-line visilbility of open purchase orders to your suppliers. In addition to a web-based Purchase Order Inquiry, your authorized suppliers can also electronically acknowledge purchase orders, update scheduled delivery times, update product lead times and report shipments against their scheduled purchase orders or even the individual PO lines.

eConnect Aftermarket Supplier Portal includes extensive event messaging and communication functions with all of the parties involved, including planners, buyers, and supplier users. Requests for changes in delivery times, quantities or product lead times are e-mailed to an easily maintainable e-mail distribution list, based on everyone's assigned roles. Certain accepted changes will automatically update your ERP system, eliminating secondary transaction entry and efficiently closing the workflow loop automatically.

As shipments are reported on the eConnect Aftermarket Supplier Portal, a unique transaction number (ASN) is generated and barcoded on the shipping paperwork. When the shipment is received at your door, the barcoded ASN# on the shipment can be scanned at your receiving dock with a barcode scanner directly into your Aftermarket ERP system. This is done via a streamlined PO receiving program for a simple, one scan receipt process.

Datanational's eConnect Aftermarket Supplier Portal resides on a web server that is hosted and managed around the clock by Datanational's technical support team.