Aftermarket IT

eConnect Customer Portal

It is more important than ever to deliver superior customer service at a reduced cost. In order to maintain your competitive edge, you need to accommodate your customers, trading partners, sales representatives and customer service in today's 24/7 marketplace. Automating your customer transactions and providing these functions during a wider range of hours increases top line revenue and decreases labor costs.

Typically, a large percentage of the work effort performed in an Aftermarket Supplier's Customer Service department is generated through phone and fax orders and also from providing customers with order status and shipment tracking. Aftermarket eConnect Customer Portal provides the opportunity to move those phone and fax orders to an automated solution that is available during all hours your system is up and running. eConnect makes it simple for your customers to inquire on their past and current orders, when it's convenient for them, without having to place a phone call. We capture shipment tracking numbers at shipping time and integrate our solution with most major shipping carriers on-line tracking systems. Your customers can log into the portal, find their order and click on the link to track their package 24/7.

Datanational's Aftermarket eConnect Customer Portal is a Java-based eBusiness solution that can reside on one of your servers or on a web server that is hosted and managed around the clock by Datanational's technical support team.