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System Recovery (DR & HA)

Our Business Continuity and System Recovery solution will provide your company with an expert, dedicated recovery service, should you need to declare a disaster due to an unplanned system outage. We will provide you with unparalleled value when it comes to taking care of your system recovery requirements.

We have solutions available depending on your system configuration and data protection needs. Select your platform to learn more about protection levels available.

System i

If a disaster takes out one or more of your facilities, it's crucial that you have a failover site waiting in the wings. A failover site is a location where you can temporarily run the business while your primary location is being repaired, rebuilt or brought back into service. There are two types in system recovery situations, warm, and cold, and which type you choose can mean the difference between maintaining or losing business continuity.

Instead of just a paper contract, you will have a real-life response structure at your disposal. Our knowledge and specialization will provide the fastest path to getting your critical employees back online and resuming key business processes.